Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nails of the day

My first Nails of the Day

I'm really into doing my own nails and learning how to make them look professional. I'm also on a constant search for a good quality CHEAP nail polish (ie under $6).

I was wearing a deep pink OPI color with chunky glitter top coat. I'd call it Malibu Barbie at the Disco. I took it off today because I have a model casting tomorrow and wanted to go for something more natural and professional.

I went with a classic, simple french manicure. A clear nude color for the base coat. I used Tammy Taylor's nail colour in Califorina French Pink. I swiped a white nail color (Tammy Taylor's nail colour in Califorina French White) on the tips of my nails in a one swipe motion. I had to do 2 or 3 coats to make the white opaque.

I topped it off with my trusty Barielle Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender. It helps the nail polish dry so much faster! I used an orange stick to help fix mistakes as well as a nail polish remover soaked Q-Tip.

Here is how it came out:

It's hard to master the one swipe method for doing tips but with a little bit of practice you can get the hang of it. Doing it with your non-dominant hand (my left in this case) takes a bit more practice. I used to paint my nails horribly like a 5th grader but now I can do a much cleaner job.

Very excited to have picked up Sinful Colors Rise and shine for $1.99 at Walgreens!

Here is a pic: (photo not mine it belongs to Beauty Judy) I wanted to show you the color though!

I'm so excited to try this out! But I think it will look best on short nails (that's just me). I just got my nails to grow out so I might wait a little white before triming them short. But when I do this will be the first polish I reach for.

I love the shape of the bottles and that they look so much like China Glaze.

Also looking forward to trying my new Sinful Colors Dream on:
(Not my photo)

Stay tuned for more of my nail obsession and Nails of the Day!

What are some of your favorite nail polishes?


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