Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sinful Colors Rise and Shine

So today I polished my nails with Sinful Colors Rise and Shine, a bright turquoise color with the tiniest bit of shimmer if you look reeeeaallly close, that turned out to have a matte finish. The bottles don't tell you matte or shiny so I wish I knew before hand. I actually like it though so I decided to skip the usual top coat to keep the matte finish.

I also added Nicole by OPI's No Limits, which is a extremely dark blue which pretty much looks black on my ring finger for an accent nail. No Limits has a shiny finish so I like the contrast between the two.

All I needed was one thick coat.
Here is how it looked like in my house with dim warm lighting:

and one more

Here is how it looks outside in the sunlight:

Here is how it looked outside in the shade:

In the photo above you can really see the difference in the matte and shiny. With only one coat and no top coat I'll let you know how this holds up. I am a waitress though so I put a hurtin' on my nails so keep that in mind. I'll update with how it lasts.

What's your fav Sinful Colors nail polish?
Day 1: I worked and that's when most chipping occurs but even without a top coat no chipping yet!!
Day 2: I was off today only a bit of edge wear on my pointer finger.