Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dollar General

I was early to my model casting so I stopped in to the Dollar General next store just to browse. It's always fun to see what other towns have.

I saw this rack of really cute fashion jewelry for $3 each. They we're nicely made, out of glass and such not plastic so I decided I might pick one item up.

I found a bracelet that fit my ridiculously small wrist with black and white glass beads. I have lots of necklaces so now I am trying to work on my bracelet, earring and ring collection.

When starting a collection of accessories I recommend you pick out a few staples to begin with such as Black, white, gold, silver, clear then move on to other colors and styles.

Then I finally picked up another stash of plain black hair ties with no metal clasp. A must have.

Then last but certainly not least I picked up this beauty for only a dollar!! It's the LA colors metallic eyeshadow palette in wild flowers. Aren't the colors just gorgeous?!

Here's it swatched in natural light

And here it is swatched with flash.

Great pigmentation for a $1 product! This is all with no primer or base. I'll probably be doing a tutorial soon with a rainbow eye look for this. They have a satin, slight shimmery finish...metallic as they call them.

I love finding great deals!

Have you found any gems lately?

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