Friday, February 11, 2011

Target, Ross & Sally's Haul

I got a few things at Target, Ross & Sally's Beauty Supply. I'll jump right into it.

I got these Sally Hansen $1 eye shadows. Here are the swatches. They don't have names =( With flash:

Without flash. A little blurry but you get the idea of the color.

No primer. I want to name these colors so here goes:
1 Bubble Gum | 2 Champagne | 3 Rust | 4 Purple Rain | 5 Royalty | 6 Mermaid

A bit brighter. Both photos with flash.

I also got these fake nails for $6.49

I saw this on JuicyStar07's channel and I picked it up. Dries in about 3 mins.

I got this for free!

I also got a Sally's $1 nail polish. Excuse the multiple nail colors. The polish swatch is the magenta color on the bottom part of my nail. Excuse the chipping.

$2 at Walmart (oops lol) I love it

$25 hair shears from Sally's. They work great.

Sally's Orly in Open your Eyes. $5.99

Dollar tree reading glasses

Dollar Tree glasses holder

Ponds facial wipes from Target $4. Love these!

Ross $2.99 round brush

Target knee high socks $1.49

Target Black tights $5, Purple tights $3.50

Walmart (oops again lol) $1 sharpener

You like? =)


  1. oh wow! i never thought that the sally hansen eyeshadows would be so pigmented. really pretty!

    following you now :)

  2. wow , great collection. amazing colors.
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